Free Facebook Photo Likes

How To Get Free Facebook Photo Likes

You can do so many different things with facebook photo likes, many contests on facebook are for the user who gets the most likes on their facebook photo. You could also use a photo to market your product and by getting likes on the photo you will be getting more advertisement. The list can go on and on with the benefits of getting your photo liked.

Step 1 Into Getting Facebook Photo Likes

You first are going to need a account.
Once you have confirmed your email and logged in.

You next you want to add your facebook photo url to the system so you can get likes.
To do this click the servies drop down menu and scroll down to the " Facebook Photo Likes Setting " on the left side services menu.

On this page scroll to the bottom until you see a text box to enter your facebook photo url

Step 2 Into Getting Facebook Subscribers

Now that you have added your facebook photo you will now need to earn or buy some coins. As long as you have coins you will get facebook photo likes daily.

Some tips

  • Use the max cpc (coins per click) The higher the cpc you use the faster you will get likes.
  • Make sure you have the photo set to public or no one will be able to like it.
  • If you want to stop spending coins on your photo click "My sites" "edit" and select "Disabled" on your photo

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