How To Get Free YouTube Subscribers

The huge video sharing site we all know gets over 800 million unique user visits each month! Viral videos on YouTube can get over 1 million views in as little as a few hours, this is a huge way to get website traffic and sales. If you have a website and your not using YouTube to get traffic your losing 100s of potential clients daily. You can even get youtube videos ranked #1 on google for any keyword. There are two ways you get traffic off of your YouTube video, you could place a link in the description or you could place a link directly in or over top of the video. The title of the video is everything when is comes to SEO the proper format is KEYWORD - DECRIPTION for and example a video title for a dog food would be DOG FOOD - THE BEST DOG FOOD

You also will need to have lots of subscribers this will give you more "good points" on google. One way to get 100s of YouTube subscribers is to use a site like You can add your video to the system and other members will become a subscriber.

Step 1 Into Getting Free Youtube Subscribers

You first are going to need a account.
Once you have confirmed your email and logged in.

You next want to add your YouTube account to the system so you can get subscribers.
To do this click " Add Site " on the right side menu.

On this page scroll to the bottom until you see "Add Youtube subscribers Account "CLICK HERE" Click that link to add your account for YouTube subscribers.

On this page you will see a text box asking for your YouTube username.
Please note: Your username can not have any spaces in it.

Step 2 Into Getting Free Youtube Subscribers

Now that you have added your YouTube account for subscribers you will now need to earn or buy some coins. As long as you have coins you will get new YouTube subscribers daily.

Some tips

  • Use the max cpc (coins per click) The higher the cpc you use the faster you will get subscribers.
  • If you want to stop spending coins on your video click My sites - YouTube Account - and click delete
  • Make sure you have your accoutn set to public or no one will be able to subscribe to it, and you will be BANNED

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